Shopify Point-of-Sale Campaign

Shopify came to me with a fun brief of creating an isometric shopping world. The campaign was to be shown all around Soho, New York, so the illustration needed to include a few of the brick-and-mortar stores that currently partner with Shopify Point-of-Sale. The overall goal was to bring brand awareness and to encourage people to shop at one of these stores.

The biggest challenge (besides drawing a ton of people) was finding the right visual balance between the partners’ brands and Shopify’s. My solution was to sprinkle numerous Shopify easter eggs throughout the illustration for an engaging visual experience for the viewer, like a treasure hunt.
Can you find them all? 👀

Oct 2023

Role: AD + Illustration

Shopify Team: Eurie Kim / Kelley Sauer / Sandhi Paul / Anthony Prestanizzi / Jermaine Daniel / Bridget Lenehan / Elizabeth Pirrone

Final artwork
Artwork out in the wild
Close-up: Raccoons caught red-handed!
A pidgeon doing a kickflip 🐦
Cats and cakes!
Nothing to see here...