Shopify Point-of-Sale campaign
Oct 2023

Shopify came to me with a fun brief of creating an isometric shopping world. The campaign was to be shown all around Soho, New York, so the illustration needed to include a few of the brick-and-mortar stores that currently partner with Shopify Point-of-Sale. The overall goal was to bring brand awareness and to encourage people to shop at one of these stores.

The biggest challenge (besides drawing a ton of people) was finding the right visual balance between the partners’ brands and Shopify’s. My solution was to sprinkle numerous Shopify easter eggs throughout the illustration for an engaging visual experience for the viewer (like a treasure hunt). Can you find them all? 👀

Role: AD + IllustrationShopify Team: Eurie Kim / Kelley Sauer / Sandhi Paul / Anthony Prestanizzi / Jermaine Daniel / Bridget Lenehan / Elizabeth Pirrone

Headspace x Youtube Kids

A 7-episode series in partnership with Youtube Kids, ft. Sam Snowden, a kids & family mindfulness expert. This series offers children and caregivers tools to help balance difficult emotions, stress, managing screen time, and dealing with loss. 

The challenge was to create a visual identity that communicated the Headspace brand through the eyes of children. We asked ourselves, “How would a kid draw these shapes?” and landed on this playful paper cut style. We built out each episode making sure the narratives catered to each age group, as they were intended for both caregivers and their kids, ages 4-6 and 7-12.

Role: AD + Storyboarding + IllustrationCD: Karina Korol / David Hsia / Tyler Hoehne
Animation Lead: Brian Lee
Animation: Janet Lee / Erich Reimers / Delaney Trione

Kooth animations:
Accessible mental health for teens

Kooth is a digital mental health platform for youth. The brief was to create three animations with the objective of helping younger people understand their own emotions and mental health. Each animation talks about a different topic related to mental health, including advice on how to manage anxiety and insight on what stress does to our brains. 

I created “Space Bunny” to be the main star — he’s cute, playful, and most importantly, vulnerable. It felt essential to have at least one familiar face throughout the series for the audience to emotionally connect with. For the environment/setting, outer space felt like the right visual metaphor for the human mind — sort of scary and so much to explore!

Role: AD + Character Design + Storyboarding + Illustration

Animator: Brian Lee
CD/Producer: Brenna Rae Eckerson
Head of Content - Kooth: Jennifer Eberhardy

Headspace X National Park

National Parks and Headspace came together to create sleep content based on each park. For the art direction, we leaned into the visual language of national park patches and combined it with some Headspace magic ✨. 
Role: AD + IllustrationCD: Anton Mora / David Hsia
Copy: Carrie Laven / Joseph Maines
Design: Katie Burtwell / Amy Woo
Animation: Janet Lee
Producer: Melissa Don

Meditation & Sleep Courses

The overall goal for Headspace’s illustration is to make meditation and mental health feel more approachable and easy. The biggest challenge to illustrating the in-app courses was figuring out how to communicate heavier subjects, like grief, in a less negative way.

You can check out the app to see more.

Role: AD + Illustration

Reveri Health

Reveri is a self-hypnosis app that helps people with sleep, focus, stress, and addictions (like smoking!). 
I illustrated social assets that showed how hypnosis affects different parts of the brain, and the three different brain styles: the Researcher, the Diplomat, and the Poet. (I think I’m the Diplomat 🤔)

Role: Illustration/Design
AD: Shalaka Bapat

Women’s Collection

Headspace launched a Women’s Collection in 2022, giving much-needed attention to topics like sex and relationships, physical health, and female solidarity. 

On top of a robust in-app collection of meditations and wellness exercises, Headspace partnered with Peanut, an online community for women, to jumpstart a conversation about sexual wellbeing led by sex and relationship expert Kate Moyle.

Role: Illustration + AD
CD: David Hsia
AD + Design: Lauren Allik
Copy: Makenzie McNeill / Joseph Maines
Design: Marissa Meier

*Disclaimer: Out-of-home imgs are mock-ups