Headspace Breathers x Youtube

A 7-episode series in partnership with Youtube Kids, ft. Sam Snowden, a kids & family mindfulness expert. This series offers children and caregivers tools to help balance difficult emotions, stress, managing screen time, and dealing with loss. 

The challenge was to create a visual identity that communicated the Headspace brand through the eyes of children. We asked ourselves, “How would a kid draw these shapes?” and landed on this playful paper cut style. We built out each episode making sure the narratives catered to each age group, as they were intended for both caregivers and their kids, ages 4-6 and 7-12.

You can watch them here :-)
CD Karina Korol / David Hsia / Tyler Hoehne
AD & Illustration & Storyboarding Yours truly :-)
Animation Lead Brian Lee
Animation Janet Lee / Erich Reimers / Delaney Trione

National Parks x Headspace

National Parks and Headspace came together to create sleep content based on each park. For the art direction, we leaned into the visual language of national park patches and combined it with some Headspace magic ✨.

Check out the partnership here.
CD Anton Mora / David Hsia
AD & Illustration Yours truly :-)
Graphic Design Katie Burtwell / Amy Woo
Animation Janet Lee
Copywriter Carrie Laven
Producer Melissa Don

Meditation & Sleep Courses

For the past 6 years at Headspace, I’ve created a bunch of illustrations for their in-app meditation and sleep courses. The biggest challenge was figuring out how to communicate heavier subjects, like grief, in a less negative and more approachable way. Here are just a few of my personal favorites.
Illustration Team Ryan Cox / Sasha Baranovskaya

Brand Refresh 2023

Headspace got a ✨ glow-up ✨ this year: updated logotypes, icons, colors, illustrations, a custom typeface by Colophon, & more. The illustration team focused on freshening up the brand color palette, building a library of brand-approved faces & shapes, updating in-app icons, and creating a new hefty set of evergreen illustrations that could be used across the org.